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Padmé and Anakin will star in Star Wars: The Halcyon Legacy #3

Syfy Wire has revealed that Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker will star in the issue #3 of the comics miniseries Star Wars: The Halcyon Legacy.

The Halcyon is a starship which will be the object of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, an upcoming immersive experience at Walt Disney World. The Halcyon Legacy will tell several stories related to the starship at different eras. It is written by Ethan Sacks, with art by Will Sliney.

Here are the cover and the synopsis of the third issue:

“Anakin and Padmé are in disguise aboard the Halcyon tracking a senator suspected of having separatist ties! But their secret mission will put them on a collision course with Asajj Ventress.”

And here’s a quote from Sacks:

“One of the best parts of writing this mini-series is that chance to visit different eras aboard this beautiful starcruiser. And one of my favorite eras is during the Clone Wars, back when Anakin and Padmé are in the midst of forging their legends. As much as this particular issue of the Halcyon Legacy is a love story, it’s also a love letter from Will Sliney and I to these characters who hold a special place in the hearts of so many Star Wars fans. Including us. But this isn’t a pleasure cruise for our heroes. They’re on a secret mission. And all that romance doesn’t mean it won’t be necessary to break out a lightsaber or blaster when the mission takes a turn…”

Star Wars: The Halcyon Legacy #3 will be released on March 2022.

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