Attack of the Clones,  Prequel Trilogy,  Revenge of the Sith,  The Phantom Menace

In 10 U.S. States, the most popular Star Wars movie is a Prequel (

“May the Fourth be with you! It’s been a big month for Star Wars fans. The trailer for The Last Jedi released April 14th and has already been seen 31 million times, the Star Wars Celebration delighted fans in mid-April, and now has compiled a list determining which Star Wars movie is most popular in each U.S. state. The results … well, the results were interesting.

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We plugged each of the eight full-length Star Wars movies into Google Trends and collected data from 2004 to the present to see which movie is most-searched in each state. This allowed us to look at search volume for each film on Google’s scale. Note the last three Star Wars movies came out after our time frame began, so they’ve had less time to grow popular and may be at a disadvantage in the rankings”

The Phantom Menace is the most popular Star Wars movie in Arizona, Maine, and Virginia.

Attack of the Clones is the most popular Star Wars movie in Idaho.

Revenge of the Sith is the most popular Star Wars movie in Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio and South Dakota.

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